Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hypertravel Hostel: The Modern Age of Hostels Finally Comes to the USA—and Tucson, Arizona

Territorial property from the turn of last century

Mention the word 'hostel' to the typical American and the facial reactions are not likely to be welcoming. The word alone conjures up images of school groups in sterile dormitories on one hand, or grungy backpacker dives on the other. Neither image is particularly welcoming (and God help you if you ever saw the movie of the same name. You might need psychological help after that, particularly if you came back for the sequel). The good news is that all of these images are way past the expiration date, if not outright falsehoods.

There is a new era of hostelry around the world which is finally making its way, albeit painfully slow, to the United States of America. These lodges, inns, guesthouses and other assorted accommodations all offer the bunk-beds and shared spaces that typically define a hostel, but also add oh so much more, like private rooms and hot tubs and history and atmosphere and... you name it. The offerings are as varied as the spaces themselves. If this all sounds more like a B & B than a hostel, then there might be a reason for that.

Hostel owner and author Hardie Karges
While B&B's have long dominated the American alternative lodging scene, elsewhere around the world hostels have been the main option to standalone purpose-built hotels and motels. Now with the emergence of the 'Air BnB' booking website as a huge (and growing) influence that will offer economy options to the pricey and too-often-stuffy B&B scene, and the steady upgrade of backpackers' hostels to 'flash-packer' and digital nomad status, we seem to be moving toward a widely accommodating middle ground that might just have something for everyone—maybe.

Enter Hypertravel Hostel in Tucson, AZ, in the good ol' US of A. This is the only inn we know of to truly combine the lush feel and private spaces of a stylish B&B with the budget bunks and shared rooms of a hostel. It is literally two—clap! Two—clap! Two digs in one! Can't decide between that reasonably priced 'Air B & B' and that upgrade flash-packer hostel? No problem. Now you can have both. Sure many hostels have private rooms—but not like this. How about exposed brick, 100-year-old gas lamps and 50-year-old woodwork? 

Chillin' after dark
Enjoy a cup of kick-ass coffee by morning light in the sun room and count your blessings. Did we mention that a healthy DIY breakfast is provided for all guests? We've traveled to more than 150 countries around the world, staying in some of the best—and the worst—hostels and B&B's along the way. At Hypertravel Hostel in Tucson, we're trying to incorporate the best ideas we've seen, while preserving the unique aspects that make this 100-some-odd-year-old Territorial Arizona masterpiece unique.

And if 'theme hostels' (i.e. party hostels, school-kid hostels, hippie hostels, high-style hostels) are the latest thing in the 'hostel movement', then we'd like to invoke a literary theme for our new hostel: bunks and books. B & B, get it? Books: words on paper; remember them? Any language will do. Jeez....

Cyclists on a stopover
p.s. A limited number of rooms and beds are now available and more are literally (multiple puns intended) in the works, pending remodeling and final spiff-up. A few of our more definitive selections can be seen on the 'Air BnB' website now, with more available elsewhere soon:

See anything you like? Got more questions? Shoot us an e-mail: hyper.travel (at) aol (dot) com or call 1-323-347-9003. Let's talk.

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